Wine and Food

10 Sep


Beringer Winery

The enjoyment of wine can be wonderfully improved when appropriately paired with food. A pretty obvious statement, right? Most wine drinkers have for years enjoyed a glass of wine or two with dinner and many of those people don’t give a second thought to how the wine improves the food while the food improves the wine. But that magic synergy really does (or can, depending on the pairing) occur!

Recently I took the “Taste of Beringer” tour at Napa’s oldest continuously operating winery. Beringer has been making wines since 1876, and is one of the most awarded wineries in Napa. Sampling the ’09 Knights Valley Reserve Cab and the ’10 Modern Heritage Chardonnay was a treat, particularly after experiencing a barrel tasting in the wine caves and tunnels. As good as the samples were, when paired with small food bites, the wines really came alive.

Have you wondered why Cabs…

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